2022 is the year to start again… Take time for you (away from the house!)

Adult Learn and Train understand what the last couple of years has been like for so many. So much uncertainty, fear and frustration. Lockdown rules changing frequently, and our lives put on hold.

Well, with the world opening its doors again, its time to start planning what to do with ourselves. Adult Learn and Train are here to help with that!

Join one of our courses, if you can’t commit to attending a weekly class, why not join one of our day schools coming up.

Join us on Saturday 5th/Sunday 6th March or during the Easter break from Monday 4th April 2022.

View all our courses here: Courses – Adult Learn and Train – CambridgeAdult Learn and Train (adultlearning.education)

To find day schools coming up search MARCH or APRIL

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