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April 30 (Tuesday) 6:30 pm - July 2 (Tuesday) 8:00 pm


Coleridge Community College

Radegund Rd, Cambridge CB1 3RJ

length of course

9 weeks

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Brief Description

This course will build upon the basics of the Arabic language learnt in the fist and second term, through reading, writing, listening and speaking. All four skills will be developed in order to ensure you are able to achieve the Learning Outcomes. Arabic Beginners will give you a solid foundation and enable them to progress further and deeper into the language. A wide range of material will be used to develop all aspects of the language.

The course is priced for 9 weeks (one term); To complete the full course and cover all the learning outcomes listed below you will need to attend both terms (there is no obligation to attend more than one term).

Previous Experience and Knowledge Needed?

This is the third term, you should have approx. 30 hours experience covering the following:
• Recognition of Arabic letters in their isolate form
• Formulation of letters in their written isolate form
• The three short vowels: Fatha,Kasra and Damma
• Letter recognition and formulation in their joined forms
• Nunation,Alsukun,Al shadda
• The three long vowels
• The sun and moon letters
• Al-alif al maqsura , Al-hamza

• Gender of nouns and agreement of adjectives
• Use of definite articles
• Some prepositions and conjunctions
• Use of singular personal and attached pronouns
• The dual and broken plural nouns and adjectives
• Singular and dual and plural demonstrative pronouns
• Numbers from 1 to 10 and associated rules

By the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to:

Third Term:
• A broad Vocabulary grouped according to subject, including the home, the school, animals, shapes, colours, fruits and vegetables, transport, clothing, part of the body, the family, occupations and nationalities
• Simple dialogue
• Read and write basic words
• Asking and answering simple questions

Extra costs on the course for example textbook, materials or equipment:

There is no need to buy a text book or extra materials as handouts are provided at every session. A wide variety of material will be used to ensure maximum benefit. You may want to purchase a bilingual Dictionary – Oxford Essential Arabic Dictionary is sufficient for this course. Those students who plan to study Arabic long term may benefit from the Hans Wehr Dictionary.

For the first session you will need to bring:

You will probably want to make your own notes, so bring along a notebook or folder.

On completion of this course, what might your next steps be?

Arabic Improvers course after a whole year of study.
The Learn and Train office is able to give course information or search for alternative courses for you.


Mohamed AzafadMohamed is a native Arabic speaker

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