May 2024 Newsletter

Hello from the Adult Learn and Train Team
Did you enjoy the few days of sunshine?
And who managed to see the ‘Northern Lights’?
We are officially in our ‘summer’ term now. Classes have started and we are now preparing for the Autumn start… We hope to deliver a wonderfully diverse programme full of the loved favourites and some new courses to get the brain working. We will give you more information next month.


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We look forward to seeing some of you at our day schools tomorrow

We will be running the following courses:


Drawing Skills 

Flower Arranging: Japanese Ikebana

East Asian Painting

Screen Printing

Silver Jewellery: Ring Making

Willow Weaving: Bird Feeder –

Our next day school takes place during the week in August

August Summer Schools: Monday 5th to August 8th August

Cookery: Bread Making – Thursday – £43

East Asian Painting – Wednesday – £44

Felt Bags – Monday and Tuesday – £98

Flower Arranging: Japanese Ikebana – Monday – £50

Large Scale Flower Arranging – Tuesday – £56

Spectacular Stained Glass – Wednesday and Thursday – £102

Silver Jewellery: Wax Casting – Monday and Tuesday – £117

Watercolour Painting – Monday to Thursday  £180

Willow Weaving: Basket Making – Monday and Tuesday – £154

Gift Vouchers

Did you know Adult Learn and Train are able to offer gift vouchers. You can choose to pay for a course in full or purchase a voucher for a specific amount of money.

Good News Story

A few weeks ago a previous learner donated a large bag full of tins of buttons to us of all sorts and sizes. We asked our Dressmaking and Pattern Cutting learners that if they would like any to give donations. We have raised over £78 so far and will be donating the money to MacMillan Research.

Opening times:

Opening hours from Monday 22nd April: We’re open Monday to Thursday 9am – 4pm and on Friday 9am – 3pm.
Plus Monday evenings at Parkside Community College – 6pm – 8.30pm and Wednesday and Thursday evenings at Coleridge Community College – 6pm – 8.30pm.
Please note: We are closed on Bank Holiday Mondays – 6th and 27th May.

A question for you…

We would love to know your reason for attending a course (with any establishment). We understand it might seem like a straightforward enquiry, but to us, your responses hold invaluable insights into what makes your learning experience fulfilling and meaningful. Whether you’re diving into a course out of sheer interest in the subject matter or seeking a pathway for personal or professional growth, we want to hear from you!
Here are a few prompts to spark your reflection….
Continued Engagement: What keeps you coming back for more? Is it solely the progression toward mastery in your chosen field, or is there anything else you get out of attending a course? e.g. Do you learn for cognitive stimulation or mood regulation?
Beyond the Classroom: Have you found unexpected joys or benefits from attending courses? Perhaps you’ve formed lasting friendships with fellow learners, relished the sense of camaraderie among like-minded individuals, or discovered a sense of belonging that transcends the classroom setting.
Community Connection: Do you view our courses as more than just educational endeavors? Are they a social event, a source of comfort in combating loneliness, or a space where you can engage with others who share your passions and interests?
Your experiences, insights, and stories are what breathe life into our educational community. By sharing your journey with us, you not only help us better understand your needs and aspirations but also contribute to a richer, more inclusive learning environment for everyone.

Teaching opportunities within Adult Learn and Train – United Learning:

Our Recruitment drive has now finished, However, Adult Learn and Train are always interested about the possibility of offering new provision.  If you have a teaching qualification, a subject specific qualification and are interested in working with Adult Learn and Train, get in touch.

We are currently programme planning for the next academic year; we would love to add some new provision and would really like to hear your ideas.

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