Maths is for everyone…No really! Give me 5 minutes to convince you.

A truth to bare…

2022-23 was a very successful year for Adult Learn and Train with over 2000 bookings but shockingly one area that saw a record low enrolments in 2022-23 was Maths and English. There were just 34 learners in our maths courses.

Which half are you?

Did you know according to a report by Kings College London more than half the working age population has the numeracy level expected of a Primary School child. And a massive one third of people believed that most people don’t need to use numbers as part of their day job.


The next time you’re in a group of adults, just think of the probability that half of you struggle with maths problems.


Another shocking statistic from Kings College: one in four people are put off applying for a job if it lists using numbers and data as a requirement.


It’s FREE, so why wouldn’t you?

With so many providers offering FREE Maths course opportunities, it’s a wonder why people aren’t jumping on the band wagon…

  1. There’s online Maths courses
  2. How about Face to face maths courses in Cambridge
  3. Need a faster solution? Take a look at self-study options (these aren’t normally free)


If you don’t have your Maths qualifications what’s stopping you?


There are many reasons out there including;

  • fear of failure,
  • maths anxiety or
  • past bad teaching experiences


but honestly, don’t underestimate how different learning as an adult can be.  Don’t believe us? Watch one of our learners talk about her experience first-hand:

Libby Gibsone completed Maths GCSE with Adult Learn and Train in Cambridge in the academic year 2021-22. The two-minute YouTube clip gives an honest account of Libby’s struggles and achievements:


Need more reasons to convince you?

Did you know that there are many benefits to improving your maths skills? And we don’t just mean the qualification.

Improving your maths knowledge;

  • promotes healthy brain function,
  • sharpens your memory,
  • improves problem-solving skills and
  • promotes flexible thinking and creativity.


Ok, so what’s your next step?

Make contact with an organisation that suits your learning needs.
If you’re looking for courses in Cambridge, consider Adult Learn and Train.  Most of our maths courses are face to face learning, but we also have a blended online/face to face GCSE course on a Saturday for those who are busy during the week. Our tutor is available to talk through any concerns and we’re now enrolling for September 2023.

Or contact the Adult Learn and Train Office:

01223 712340

Our funding comes from Cambridgeshire Skills

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