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Adobe Photoshop Beginners (OCTOBER DAY SCHOOL)

An Introduction to Astrology For Beginners

An Introduction to Songwriting

Arabic: Beginners 1

Arabic: Improvers 2

Art History – Art Nouveau To Abstraction

Art History: Art Nouveau to Abstraction

Art History: The Birth of Modern Age

Art History: The Birth of Modern Art

Astronomy: Earth to the Edge of the Universe

Astronomy: Earth To The Edge Of The Universe (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

Ballroom Dancing Beginners – Book as a Pair (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

Ballroom Dancing: Beginners (Book as a Pair)

Basic English Entry 1 & 2 – Term 1


Brain Training: Increase Your Memory

CAE / Cambridge Advanced English Certificate – Term 1

CAE / Cambridge Advanced English Certificate – Term 1


Calligraphy Mixed Ability- Term 2

Climate Change: Cause And Effect (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

Computing – Get On Line for the Over 50s: Beginners TASTER

Computing: Skills for the Workplace Level 1

Cookery: A Day of Pasta Making (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

Cookery: Authentic Chinese Dumplings

Cookery: Authentic Oriental Dumplings and Noodles (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

Cookery: Bread Making

Cookery: Christmas – Prep Like a Boss (DECEMBER DAY SCHOOL)

Cookery: Indian Takeaway Favourites

Cookery: Malaysian Street Food (NOVEMBER DAY SCHOOL)

Cookery: St. Patrick’s Day

Cookery: Valentine Meal

CPE / English Proficiency – Term 1

Criminology: An Introduction

DIY Carpentry/Joinery Skills: Beginners

DIY Carpentry/Joinery Skills: Improvers 1 and 2

Dressmaking – Term 1

Dressmaking – Term 1

East Asian Painting

East Asian Painting (DECEMBER DAY SCHOOL)

East Asian Painting (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

Eco Beeswax Wrappers Making

English for Adults: Functional Skills

English for Beginners (Entry 1 – 2)


Event Planning for a Wedding (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

FCE / English First Certificate – Term 1

FCE / English First Certificate – Term 1

Flower Arranging: Make Your Own Festive Wreath

Flower Arranging: Make Your Own Festive Wreath (DECEMBER DAY SCHOOL)

Flowers: Arranging In A Vase (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

Flowers: Bouquets And Gift Wrapping (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

Flowers: Stunning Floral Design For All

Forensic Science

French: Advanced Conversation – Term 1

French: Beginners 1

French: Intermediate – Term 1

Fun with Digital Photography

Fused Glass: Small Tiles And Hanging Pieces (DECEMBER DAY SCHOOL)

Glazing In Dutch Still Life(18th Century)

Guitar For Beginners 1

Italian Improvers 2

Italian Intermediate 2

Italian: Advanced Conversation 2

Italian: Beginners 2

Italian: Lower Advanced 2

Japanese: Advanced – Term 1

Japanese: Beginners 2

Japanese: Improvers 2

Japanese: Intermediate 2


Make-Up Application: Party Season

Master Your Presentation Skills (FEBRUARY WEEKEND)

Maths for Adults: Functional Skills


Mental Health: Depression- Coping Strategies

Mental Health: Social Anxiety-Coping Strategies

Oil and Watercolour Painting: Mixed Ability

Painting and Drawing

Patchwork And Quilting Club: Sew A Row

Patchwork and Quilting: Beginners

Patchwork: Jelly Roll Quilt (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

Pattern Cutting – Term 1

Pattern Cutting – Term 1

PET / Preliminary English

PET / Preliminary English – Term 1

Pilates: Improvers

Pilates: Improvers Plus

Politics for the Bewildered

Printmaking Mixed Ability

Psychology: An Introduction

Silver Jewellery Beginners (NOVEMBER WEEKEND)

Silver Jewellery Beginners and Improvers

Silver Jewellery: Improvers (FEBRUARY WEEKEND)

Silver Jewellery: Intermediate

Soft Furnishing: Fabulous Cushions

Spanish: Advanced

Spanish: Beginners 2

Spanish: Improvers 2

Spanish: Lower Advanced

Stained Glass Christmas Decorations (NOVEMBER WEEKEND)

Stained Glass: An Intro to Copperfoil

Stained Glass: An Introduction to Copperfoil

Still and Life Drawing From A New Perspective

T’ai Chi and Chi Kung Exercises

T’ai Chi Chuan 10 Step Form

Upholstery for all

Upholstery for all

Upholstery for all – Term 1

Watercolour Painting (OCTOBER DAY SCHOOL)

Watercolour Painting: Beginners and Improvers

Watercolour Painting: Improvers

Wired Heart: Beaded Decoration (DECEMBER DAY SCHOOL)

Writing Short Stories: Beginners – Term 1

Writing: Flash Fiction (NOVEMBER DAY SCHOOL)


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