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Art History: The Golden Age of European Art

British Sign Language (Daytime) – FULL

British Sign Language (Evening) – FULL

CAE / Cambridge Advanced English Certificate

Calligraphy (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Calligraphy – FULL

Candle Making

Chinese: Beginners 2

Chinese: Improvers 2

Christmas Candle Making for Beginners

Cookery: Japanese Bread Making

Cookery: Japanese Bread Making – Custard Cream Filled Buns

Cookery: Japanese Style Bread Baking – Melon Pan 

Cookery: Pasta Making (EASTER DAY SCHOOL)

Cookery: Vegetarian Indian (MARCH DAY SCHOOL)

Creative Writing for Beginners

Crochet Garments: Make a Basic Jumper (SUMMER SCHOOL)

Crochet Toys: Stuffed Animals (EASTER SCHOOL)

Crochet with Raffia: Beach Bag (MARCH DAY SCHOOL)

Crochet with Raffia: Sun Hat (MARCH DAY SCHOOL)

Crochet: Beginners Plus

Dance Fitness: The Musicals

DIY Carpentry/Joinery Skills: Beginners

DIY Carpentry/Joinery Skills: Beginners (SUMMER SCHOOL)

DIY Carpentry/Joinery Skills: Improvers


Drawing and Painting

Drawing Caricatures (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Drawing Skills

Drawing Techniques (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Dressmaking (Twilight)

Dressmaking 2 – Daytime

Dressmaking 2 – Evening – FULL

Dressmaking Beginners (EASTER SCHOOL)

Dressmaking: Sewing with Stretch Fabric (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

East Asian Painting

East Asian Painting (SUMMER SCHOOL)

English for Work: Beginners

English for Work: Beginners

English for Work: Improvers

English for Work: Intermediate (E3)

English for Work: Intermediate (E3)

English for Work: Upper Intermediate (L1)

English Functional Skills – Daytime

English Functional Skills – Evening

English GCSE (Evening)

Face Massage: Gua Sha Introduction (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Face Yoga Beginners

Face Yoga Improvers

FCE / English First Certificate

Flower Arranging: Make Your Own Festive Wreath

Flower Arranging: Make Your Own Festive Wreath

Flower Arranging: Spring Time Using Caging Technique (MARCH DAY SCHOOL)

French: Beginners 2

Guitar Beginners 2

Guitar For Beginners 1

Italian Advanced Conversation

Italian Improvers

Italian: Lower Advanced

Japanese Ikebana Flower Arranging (MARCH DAY SCHOOL)

Japanese: Beginners 2

Japanese: Improvers 2

Japanese: Intermediate 2

Lino Printing (SUMMER SCHOOL)

Macrame: Get Knotted – Make a Plant Pot Holder (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Marvellous Mosaics (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Maths Functional Skills (Daytime)

Maths Functional Skills (Evening)

Maths GCSE – Pearson Edexcel (Evening)

Menopause: Maximising Personal Wellbeing

Oil and Watercolour Painting


Online Cookery: French Countryside Baking

Online Cookery: Greek Baking

Online Cookery: Thai

Online Cookery: Ukrainian

Painting and Drawing – Full

Painting: How to Paint Like…. NEW

Patchwork and Quilting: Beginners

Pattern Cutting 2 – Daytime

Pattern Cutting 2 – Evening

Photography: Camera Mastery: Phone to DSLR

Pilates: Beginners Plus

Pilates: Intermediate 2

Politics: How British Politics and Government are Structured

Portraiture: Drawing and Painting (MARCH DAY SCHOOL)

Pottery (Daytime)

Pottery (Evening) FULL

Psychology: Your Mental Health Matters

Silver Jewellery Exploring texture and form (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Silver Jewellery: Beginners

Silver Jewellery: Bezel Tube Set Gemstone (MARCH WEEKEND)

Spanish: Beginners 2

Stained Glass: Sun Catcher (EASTER SCHOOL)

Stained Glass: Sun Catcher (MARCH DAY SCHOOL)

T’ai Chi and Chi Kung Exercises

T’ai Chi Chuan 10 Step Form

Upholstery for all (SUMMER SCHOOL 2023)

Upholstery for all – Afternoon

Upholstery for all – Evening

Watercolour Painting – Still Life (MARCH DAY SCHOOL)

Willow Weaving for the Garden (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Willow Weaving for the Garden (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Willow Weaving: Asymmetric Basket (EASTER SCHOOL)

Willow Weaving: Oval Basket (SUMMER SCHOOL 2023)

Willow Weaving: Round Basket (MARCH WEEKEND)

Writing Life Stories – Daytime

Writing Life Stories – Evening

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow


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