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1970’s Arts and Crafts

Adobe Illustrator Beginners (MARCH DAY SCHOOL)

Adobe Photoshop Beginners (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Art History

Art History: The Birth of Modern Art

Astrology For Beginners

Astrology Introduction (MARCH DAY SCHOOL)

Astronomy: Earth to the Edge of the Universe

Astronomy: Earth To The Edge Of The Universe (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

Ballroom Dancing Beginners – Book as a Pair (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

Ballroom Dancing: Beginners

Basic English Entry 1 & 2 – Term 1

Beginners Guide to Quilting a Quilt (MARCH DAY SCHOOL)


Brain Training: Increase Your Memory

Business Administration and Customer Service Introduction

CAE / Cambridge Advanced English

CAE / Cambridge Advanced English

Calligraphy (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Calligraphy Mixed Ability- Term 2

Climate Change: Cause And Effect (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

Climate Change: Cause And Effect (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Computing: Skills for the Workplace Level 1

Cookery: A Day of Pasta Making (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

Cookery: Authentic Oriental Dumplings and Noodles (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

Cookery: Bread Making

Cookery: Chinese Dumplings

Cookery: Indian Street Food (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Cookery: Indian Takeaway Favourites

Cookery: Malaysian Street Food (NOVEMBER DAY SCHOOL)

Cookery: Perfect Pizza (MARCH DAY SCHOOL)

Cookery: St. Patrick’s Day

Cookery: Valentine Meal

CPE / English Proficiency

DIY Carpentry/Joinery Skills: Beginners

DIY Carpentry/Joinery Skills: Improvers 1 and 2

Drawing and Painting for Stress Relief (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Drawing Skills: A Mini Adventure (MARCH DAY SCHOOL)

Dressmaking – Term 2

Dressmaking – Term 2

East Asian Painting

East Asian Painting (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

East Asian Painting (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Eco Beeswax Wrappers Making

English for Adults: Functional Skills

English for Adults: Functional Skills

English for Beginners (Entry 1 – 2)

English for Beginners (Entry 1 – 2)


Event Planning for a Wedding (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

FCE / English First Certificate

FCE / English First Certificate – Term 1

Flower Arranging: Japanese Ikebana (MARCH DAY SCHOOL)

Flower Arranging: Make Your Own Festive Wreath

Flower Arranging: Make Your Own Festive Wreath (DECEMBER DAY SCHOOL)

Flowers: Arranging In A Vase (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

Flowers: Bouquets And Gift Wrapping (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

Flowers: Floral Foam Free Day (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Flowers: Spring Time Flower Arranging (MARCH DAY SCHOOL)

Flowers: Stunning Floral Design For All

French: Advanced Conversation

Fun with Digital Photography

Fused Glass: Small Tiles And Hanging Pieces (DECEMBER DAY SCHOOL)

Guitar For Beginners 1

Italian Improvers 2

Italian Intermediate 2

Italian: Advanced Conversation 2

Italian: Beginners 2

Italian: Lower Advanced 2

Japanese: Advanced – Term 2

Japanese: Beginners 2

Japanese: Improvers 2

Japanese: Intermediate 2

Make-Up Application: Transgender Health

Master Your Presentation Skills (FEBRUARY WEEKEND)

Maths for Adults: Functional Skills


Menopause without the Symptoms (MARCH DAY SCHOOL)

Mental Health: Social Anxiety-Coping Strategies

Oil and Watercolour Painting

Painting and Drawing

Patchwork & Quilting Club: Sew A Row

Patchwork and Quilting: Beginners

Patchwork: Jelly Roll Quilt (FEBRUARY DAY SCHOOL)

Pattern Cutting – Term 2

Pattern Cutting – Term 2

PET / Preliminary English

Pilates: Improvers

Pilates: Improvers Plus

Printmaking (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Silver Jewellery Beginners and Improvers

Silver Jewellery Using Precious Metal Clay (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Silver Jewellery: Improvers (FEBRUARY WEEKEND)

Silver Jewellery: Intermediate

Soft Furnishing: Fabulous Cushions

Soft Furnishing: Make a Cushion (MAY DAY SCHOOL)

Songwriting Beginners

Spanish: Advanced

Spanish: Beginners 2

Spanish: Improvers 2

Spanish: Lower Advanced

Stained Glass Christmas Decorations (NOVEMBER WEEKEND)

Stained Glass Copperfoiled Tea Light (MARCH DAY SCHOOL)

Stained Glass: An Intro to Copperfoil

Stained Glass: Intro to Copperfoil

Still and Life Drawing From A New Perspective

T’ai Chi and Chi Kung Exercises

T’ai Chi Chuan 10 Step Form

Upholstery for all

Upholstery for all

Upholstery for all (evening)

Watercolour Painting (MARCH DAY SCHOOL)

Watercolour Painting: Beginners and Improvers


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